Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mom's Broken Leg

Quick update. Mom fell without warning while finishing shower yesterday evening. Dad was with her. Unlike the last time this happened he was unable to get her out of the shower so when the paramedics came they actually removed the shower doors to get her out.

I was on my way back from Phoenix where I'd had a great day with a team who go to the mosque in Tempe to share Jesus with the Muslims who attend. I met my parents at the ER in Cottonwood. 

The staff were kind and efficient and there didn't seem to be many people waiting to be seen.  We also had a total of 8 brothers and sisters in Jesus who came to be with us. Two of the medical staff caring for Mom turned out to be Christian also. She witnessed Jesus boldly. Praise The Lord. 

They used a portable X-ray machine to see that her right leg is broken: the big bone in her calf.  They put a temporary splint on with no need to set the bone or do surgery.  She will need a follow up appt to get a full cast. The ER doc thinks her leg will heal. She is temporarily on a catheter too. And she got an rx for percoset. She was discharged from the ER and we are all back home now. 

We really don't know yet how it's going to work to get her from cot to toilet but we'll find out soon. 

Grateful to Jesus for His faithfulness and your friendship,


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