Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paltalk Express: the Skypecast Alternative

At last, a replacement for Skypecasts that seems to work!

I learned about Paltalk a few years ago but couldn't stand the advertisements and I didn't want to pay for the ad-free version. Today, a Muslim friend showed me that the browser-based version of Paltalk (called Paltalk Express) doesn't have advertisements. For a browser-based communication program, it works extremely well. I was able both to hear and speak with no breakup or garbling.

Here's a quick run-down on advantages of Paltalk:
  • Large crowds (I've seen over 700 in the Muslim-Christian Dialogue room I was in)
  • No software installed (just use your browser)
  • No advertisements
  • Paltalk rooms are clearly organized by category (and you can block seeing any adult rooms, unlike Skypecasts).
  • Room "owners" can designate other friends as "administrators" to keep the room moderated while the owner is away.
  • You can play MP3 files to your "audience".
My Paltalk ID is "Godismyjudge". Feel free to add me as a "Pal".

And to Tony and Milio who tried to get me into Paltalk a long time ago: sorry guys, it looks like you were right!

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