Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Waste Your Workplace

Over the years, some have questioned my motives in using my business as a tool to promote Jesus.  Initially it was my Dad's idea but I have done it long enough now that I recommend it to anyone.  Don't let the pressure of political correctness rob you of the use of 40 of your best hours each week to share the good news!  Here are a few of the emails (both pro and con) I've received over the years.  (Spelling has not been corrected.)  I thank the Lord for the opportunity to respond to each of them.

Keep up the good work; now if only most of the declared Christians only lived up the human/humane side of the story of Jesus' life, rather than the hyperconservative belief that only Christianity provides a means for the salvation from man's innate (and incorrigible) defects.

Again, remain optimistic.  Some Christians are indeed human.  There is yet hope for humanity.  I don't know if there is yet hope for Christianity.

your way to young to worry so much about god he resides in all of us we are god god is us give it a rest and get a girl friend
 No thanks!
I was about to purchase 10 reman toner cartridges from you, when I noticed the "Lord Jesus Christ" link at the top of the page.  I have nothing against your beliefs, but am very offended at the fact that you try to push those beliefs onto your customers. Therefore, I will not order, and will not visit your site again.
Its amazing to me how lost people in life can just latch onto this incredile book of fables, written for one reaon only. To keep HUMANS in line. Written by other humans, to keep HUMANS in line. It was the only natural response to intelligent HUMANS of the time, in order to devise a way to control, maintain order of, and threaten HUMANS.

And one note on conscience. If you were to take 55 infant babies, put them isolated on a desert island, with no contact, no religion, nothing at all but their companions. They inherently would NOT have a conscience in any way shape or form.  Would they think it was wrong to kill another? No, they would not. They might realize after killing another, that now that person is gone, and not able to help them hunt, or what have you, but they would not know it was "wrong", and they certainly would not have any idea they are going to "hell" because of it.
I am not endorsing murder in any way shape or form, just using it as an example.
I realize that you are probably sitting there reading this with a smile, thinking "this poor person is going to hell".
Well, I have studied religion for the past 17 years, and these are just my opinions.
Yet again, You have lost my business by making your public views of religion available on your website.
Its ridiculous and unprofessional....Especially because anyone that really has researched your so called "religion", knows that its laughable, and that the only reason it exsists is because in the day it was written, it was the only tool in which to keep HUMANS in line.
Its just a shame its still keeping HUMANS inline, and wasting peoples lives here in 2002.
do you think salvation can ever be lost, i have heard so many conflicting answers to this question.
 Open and thankful
Yes your fax ribbon arrived on schedule. I got it on Saturday. Just as you said it should arrive.  Thanks for all your help! As I said before you will see more of my business. Word of mouth s a very good tool.

I feel that I must be honest with you. I am a firm believer in God! As well as having the highest respect for the individual as the person that they are (being a person that has values in life). I am not a person that goes to church every weekend. From the  leaflet that you sent me, which I saw shortly after 9-11-01. I firmly believer that the devil has been release from his pit ( the trade center pit)! I fell into tears when I first read this leaflet because it soooooo true. God has blessed me in so many way's & I am so thankful for that. I feel so strange saying all this to you........
It is something that I do not speak to many people about. (Maybe I should ) Let alone someone I buy a product from.  I was brought up with no word of God. Other than the entity exist & you should be a good person. My parents were from India & brought me up with good values & change religion in the middle of my life growing up.

If it seems as though I am a bit confused ... it is because I am. I guess we all are or should be ... with everything Humanity has to offer it's very genus .... everything will be lost! Take care Daniel! Best of luck to you.
Please email me anytime!
Thank You once again for your expedient assistance!
Temple Moneychanger?
I just wanted to say that you putting that quote on the top of your webpage "Seeking to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all our business dealings" is totally offensive.
Not only to the atheists out there, but also to the Christians. Didn't Christ throw out the merchants that were in his temple? And now you're doing the same thing the merchants were.
Shame on you.
Well done!
 Nice Job, Well done, what a surprise in a world that either ignores Christ or that uses their Christianity for some deceptive reason to find one that simply offers the truth with no apparent gain than to honor Him.
May He bless you abundantly
I have been in business for over 27 years and have seen many things. But I wanted to take a moment to let you know how enlightened I was to see you proclaim your love for Jesus in your business website. I commend you on your openness and pray that your disclosure will help those who question the existence of God.
 Seeking prayer
Hello, I was browsing PayPal and you printer ink cartridge business was featured at their website after I logged out. Since I have started a small computer business and since last March-2003, I enter your website and found a link to your site. I hit the link to request a prayer and happen that I need God to help me. I have another job, working hard to grow my computer business so that I can leave the other job and devote all my time to my small company. Things are getting tough at my full time job, I am not ready to lose it but things are getting tough for the company and some layoff may happen that affects me. If this happen, it will be too premature for me to deal only with my computer business to make a living. I have also a  girl 3 years old and my wife is 7 months pregnant and I am the only one working at home. Please say a prayer for me and my family. I read the bible every night and I recognized that I have forget my christainity since I was born and raised i n a christian home. I need guidance, hope, more self esteem, motivation and faith.

I came looking for an answer to a Toshiba question and found myself inspired by your direction of thought and energy to older folks and our lord.
Made me forget what I was looking for..... anyhow, happy new year
Remove it?

Mr. Bartsch,
It has been brought to our attention that email's sent by your company contain material that may not be considered appropriate by certain individuals here at our company. We respectfully request that you remove any reference to religion or solicitations for your personal website from any future correspondence you have with our company.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Business on the side? (A good way to live, actually!)
hi dan-
i found your webpage by doing a search for cheap epson C40 ink or something like that.  i needed some more ink!  i did some price comparisons, you were not the cheapest, but the cheapest ink is a bit scary anyways.  then i saw you were a christian, and i am a christian too, so praise God.  anyway i figured better to do business with a christian, so thats what i did.  what a strange web-presence you seem to have... a lot of christian evangalism, and then you sell ink on the side???? how does that work!?  have you heard from anyone who has been challenged by some of the things you have posted on your webpage?

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  1. Awesome - don't get discouraged by the bad ones, you are doing the RIGHT thing. May God Bless you and encourage you greatly.