Monday, September 14, 2009

Mom's Tough Road

It's been a while since I've updated you on Mom's health struggles. That isn't because she hasn't been suffering, but because the news seems to change with bewildering frequency. One nutritionist told her she should go on IV nutrition, but that's not as simple or risk-free an option as one might think. And (praise God) she was actually able to somehow put two pounds back on last week. We thought we were finally getting somewhere last week when a state of the art urine test revealed high levels of byproducts of intestinal bacteria and yeast. We eagerly awaited the results of a stool test (from the same lab) to find out specifically which bacteria and yeast were causing the problem, eager to begin "attacking" them. The stool test results came back today -- and to our surprise, showed essentially nothing wrong! So, in effect, the stool test and the urine test contradict each other. So do her symptoms. Occasionally now she's having diarrhea, but it reverts back to painful constipation with amazing speed. Keep praying. She's walking a tough road. Thank God every day that your intestines work halfway normal!

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