Friday, June 26, 2009

For My Arabic Friends: the Bible in Comic Format

It can often be difficult to see the "big picture" of the message of the Bible. That's why I'm thankful for the Good and Evil project, which is a comic version of the Bible that makes it easier for people with minimal previous knowledge of the Bible to get acquainted quickly with the themes and stories of the Bible. The goal is to have Good and Evil translated into every major language.

When you hear "comic" version, you might be thinking that adds fiction to the Bible. Surprisingly, this is not true. I've reviewed the English edition of Good and Evil thoroughly, and it appears to be quite faithful to the Bible, without adding bias towards any particular denomination. The pages are footnoted with Bible references so that the reader can look up the actual Bible story for comparison.

You can buy English copies from Amazon or directly from the publisher.

However, for Arabic readers, the entire Good and Evil comic is available online, for free. What a fantastic way to quickly learn the essential teachings of the Bible! The link is Enjoy!

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