Friday, June 19, 2009

Tough Days for Mom

Hi friends,

Thank you all for your prayers for Mom. Since my last update, she has tried an incredible number of ideas for getting her intestines to work again. Some have given temporary relief. Last week was a relatively good one for her, but this week, things have gotten worse again, and critically so. None of the things that have helped in the past are working now.

She started having some bad back pain so she and Dad are on their way now for an X-ray to determine if the pain is due to another compression fracture from osteoporosis (like the one she had 2 years ago) or if it is just because of all the pressure of backed-up food in her colon. They're also going to try to get a blood draw to check her thyroid levels because apparently a low thyroid can cause the intestinal stoppage she's experiencing.

She also has an appointment with a gastroenterologist for 9:30 Monday morning.

The pain in her back and colon makes sleep difficult. Nevertheless, God has given her remarkable grace and courage to bear her illness with joy and courage.

Thanks again for your prayers. I will keep you posted as further developments arise.

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