Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mom Home Again

Hi friends,

Mom and Dad arrived home from the emergency room at 3:30 this morning. They are up already, tired but peaceful.

The mystery of Mom's condition remains unsolved. E.R. took more X-rays, a blood test, a urinalysis, and even a Cat scan. (Thankfully, Mom did not react to the dye used in the Cat scan. That was a risk.) They can clearly see the masses of food sitting in the large and small intestines, but don't know why it's not moving. No apparent blockages; no diverticuli; no thyroid problem. She may have a bit of a urinary tract infection but this alone would not cause constipation. They gave her a couple prescriptions for antibiotics and told her to go ahead and see the gastroenterologist on Monday.

The hospital staff was kind and seemed grateful to have jobs. They didn't seem unusually competent but you can't really expect to find top notch doctors working E.R. on Friday night.

So, we're praising God for another morning given to Mom and trusting Him to lead the next step of the journey.

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