Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finding God in the Arabian Peninsula

Islam's birthplace, the Arabian peninsula, has been a spiritually dark place for centuries.  Today religious police carefully "protect" their people from worshiping the Jesus of the Bible.  But despite the incredible legal and societal pressure to remain "safe" in Islam, Muslims are hearing and responding to the gospel.  If you've ever thought it futile to give the message of the Bible to a Muslim, Reema Goode's book Which None Can Shut will encourage you that Jesus is still drawing people to Himself, even people on the Arabian peninsula. 

I've read or heard some stories of Muslims converting to Christianity that struck me as cheesy.  Did they really embrace Jesus because they were convicted of their need for righteousness, reconciliation, forgiveness, and atonement, or simply as a way to rebel against the dominant Muslim culture?  Did they think Jesus would make their life on earth better or did they treasure Him in spite of the promised pain that Christians will face in this life?  Did they truly abandon Islam or try to "have the best of both worlds"?  Which None Can Shut is a breath of fresh air: the gospel is more central, more distinct, and more accurate. 

The book is collection of true stories from the ministry of the Goode family in the Arabian peninsula.  It's a fast read, and hard to put down.  It's not a "how to witness to Muslims" book, but it is a "here's why you should".  You'll be encouraged to share the gospel more often with Muslims--and your neighbors.  You'll also pray more when you see what an impact prayers are having on the Muslim world.

If you have a Kindle, I can "loan" you my copy for free.

Here's a video of Mrs. Goode (with face and voice disguised) sharing the story of a Muslim man who became a Christian.  The story is given in more detail in the book.

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