Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inside Muslim (and Missionary) Hearts

Behind the Veils of Yemen is a true account by a missionary wife and mother of her family's work as missionaries in Yemen.  Audra Shelby (a pseudonym) gives us unvarnished insight into the lives, struggles, joys, and prayers of missionary families, as well as the Islamic families they labor to reach.  Before they even reached Yemen, her husband nearly died of a freak illness.  A daughter had an epileptic seizure in Yemen, and a pregnancy nearly ended tragically.  The Yemeni women, behind their veils, are much the same as women everywhere: wanting to look beautiful, looking for love, struggling with family relationships.  Mrs. Shelby shows us how God worked in her heart, growing her in her own faith in Jesus, in the middle of her attempts to help Muslim women see their need for Jesus.

It is similar to Which None Can Shut, which I reviewed recently, in that both were written by missionary wives about their work in the Arabian peninsula.  But this one is more descriptive and includes fewer stories of obvious success.  Which None Can Shut will show you how God is changing Muslims.  Behind the Veils of Yemen will show you how God changes missionaries.

Both will stir you to pray for -- and hopefully, to take the gospel to -- Muslim people in the neglected places of the world.

I read the Kindle version of the book.  If you'd like to borrow my copy for free, let me know.

Here's a video interview with Mrs. Shelby. 

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