Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thankfulness at Three A.M.

Early this morning somewhere around 3 I was awakened by a queasy feeling in my stomach. A trip to the bathroom quickly had me in full-fledged "stomach bug" mode. Something was trying to come out one way or another--soon! I was surprised. Isn't Mom supposed to be the one with stomach problems? Thinking of that made me pray for her. She is feeling this way a lot lately -- and yet most of the time the stuff can't get out. I had a five minute version of what is lasting, in varying degrees, hours and days and weeks for her.

Well, I was getting close to passing out. I get very lightheaded just before "it" comes out, for some reason and although I have never actually passed out on past occasions, it sure feels close sometimes. So I decided to ask Dad to assist. He was sleeping at the opposite end of the house. I wobbily crawled down there, keeping my head low to maintain blood flow and trying to be quiet so I didn't wake up Mom in the recliner. She has been having a very tough time getting any sleep the last few nights, due to pain of backed up "stuff".

Dad was at my service immediately and graciously. It made me think of a question my friend Arne posed on his forum a while back, "How many people in your life could you call at 3 A.M. if you had a problem?" This question really separates the friends from the acquaintances. I'm thankful I had someone.

The sudden flush didn't last long. Still don't know what I ate that triggered it. I took four activated charcoal capsules (a very inexpensive and safe way to treat any kind of intestinal upset of this sort) and was asleep in a few minutes.

Sometimes God just has to wake us up at three AM to remind us of how many things we have to be thankful for.

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