Thursday, August 20, 2009

80 Years Later, MetLife Honors Policy

When my grandfather was young, his mother took out a life insurance policy on him. The year was 1928. He died last year. The policy had been taken out before the Great Depression. But fortunately she picked a good insurance company. Metropolitan Life weathered the storm and honored their policy, paying my mother and her siblings this year. I thought that MetLife should have used this incident as a "P.R." advertisement for their reliability as an insurance company.

While it is certainly commendable that MetLife honored a 80-year old promise, why doesn't this cause us to praise God even more? God honors His promises for a lot longer than 80 years! And through circumstances a lot more difficult than the Great Depression! Think, for example, of God's promise to send Jesus the first time. Starting with the "seed of the woman" who would bruise the serpent's head roughly 4000 years B.C., to Malachi's prediction of the coming of the "messenger of the covenant" 400 years before He came, the Old Testament is packed with details pointing forward to Jesus' coming. He came the first time as redeemer, to rescue us from our sins.

The Bible contains lots of promises for His second coming too. On that day, He will come as judge. Depending on our pre-existing relationship with Him, it will be either the best day of our lives or the worst day of our lives. Whether we look forward to it with anticipation or dread, God keeps His promises. Even better than MetLife.
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