Friday, November 28, 2008

Harbingers of Hatred for Christians in the U.S.

I published another short blog entry a few days ago about the cross-carrying elderly woman who was harrassed by homosexuals.

Since then I've learned of two other recent attacks on U.S. Christians which were even more violent.

Some Christians recently began going to a downtown district of San Francisco at night to pray and worship God publicly. They were not even preaching or evangelizing. One night it got ugly. Read the story here or watch a woman tell about it on the video below.

While I may have some theological differences with the Christian group the woman is part of, I am nonetheless impressed by their love for Jesus and for homosexuals. The last half of the video above (after the woman's testimony) contains footage of the homosexuals shouting, etc. Here is a clearer copy of that footage.

The other attack was carried out on Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan on November 9th, when about 30 anarchists disrupted the Sunday morning church service, accusing the church of being an "anti-queer, anti-choice radical right wing establishment". Please read about it here.

In the end though, we probably have less to fear from our violent citizens than from the clean cut, articulate men in suits, such as this news commentator, Keith Olbermann, who provide the pseudo-intellectual foundation for disobeying God. His closing words are particularly tragic.

Tony Miano does a great job on his blog answering the arguments put forth by Mr. Olbermann.

If persecution comes to American Christians, may it only inspire us to love Jesus and love our enemies more than ever.

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