Friday, November 7, 2008

Chairman Mao and God's Sovereignty

by Andrew Gomen


Finally, after two years it is finally election day, and tonight I will sleep well no matter who wins. Tomorrow if it is like 2000 an we don't know who the next president is, I will still sleep well. Why is that? Because I know that God is in control.

The following is the transcript of a five minute message of encouragement that I gave at my church a few weeks ago.

Who is the most influential evangelist to China? Who did more to further God's message, and spread Christianity through out China than anyone else? If you asked that question to a Chinese Christian their response would be Chairman Mao. The great Chairman Mao, China's savior, China's messiah. Also referred to the butcher of Beijing. (This answer is an inside joke among the Chinese.)

In 1949 China declared itself a socialist state with Mao Zedong at its head. But Chairman Mao did not want to be another two bit dictator, he wanted to be China's God. He demanded everyone to speak his name in reverent tones, everyone was to say a prayer to him and thank him for their food, when they had food. He was to be worshiped as the great savior of the nation.

The Christian church in China was in deep trouble. There was little growth relative to the population approx. 800,000 to 1 million at the most, and it was full for heresy, modernism, new ageism, and mysticism. Basically it was in need of a through cleansing.

Many stumbling blocks prevented the spread of Christianity through out mainland China.

The first being Travel. Chairman Mao set out to have roads built, and pretty soon what once took missionaries 7 to 9 months by donkey, could be done in a few weeks by bus or train.

The nation was also divided by language, 4 races, 57 tribes, 300 languages, and thousands of dialects. Mao made mandarin the official language, all business, education, and public conversation must be done in mandarin. He also had the language simplified from 37000 characters the much more realistic amount that it is today. The nation was also 94% illiterate, he mandated learn to read or pay the consequences.

He then set out to purge the nation of all religions, Christianity, buddhism, muslim, taoism, confucinism, and all other pagan beliefs. His Red Guard burned books, tortured, imprisoned, and killed followers. The only publically recognized messiah was Mao. A population that was used to keeping emotion to themselves and shunned public displays of emotion were suddenly publically confessing their sins and weeping in repentance.

Mao created a unified nation. But it was only unified on the surface, under the surface their was an atmosphere of painful uneasiness, anxiety, a sense that everything was out of control. Nobody trusted anyone, every evening there ware compulsory rallies that lasted all night long glorifying Mao. The people were exhausted and had no energy for anyone or anything but Mao. Life became empty, pointless, meaningless, and hopeless. And at that point China became ready for conversion.

And convert it did.

That tiny group of believers, based mainly on the coastal regions, was not beaten down by persecution, but was strengthened by it.

There are now more members of the underground Church in China, than card carrying members of the Communist Party. the best estimates are 20 to 30 thousand new Christians being added to the ranks daily. Christianity is no longer looked at as the religion of the west by the Chinese, but as the religion of China. Chinese Christians are now leaving China and preaching to the rest of the unchurched regions of this world. The nations of North Africa, the Middle East, and the rest of Asia.

Now I ask you, who was in control? Was it Chairman Mao who was playing God, or was he just being played and God was and is in control.

Many people are saying that this is the most important election in our lifetime. Keep in mind that they say that every four years. No matter who wins God is in control. God has a plan and it is moving forward. God's plan is greater than any presidency, or political campaign. God's plan is greater than any Governors race or initiative measure. God's plan is greater than any of man's plans. God's plan in moving forward and it won't be stopped. Whatever man tries to use or do for evil, like what Mao did, God can turn it around and use it for good. The Lord will not be stopped.

Two more quick points

1. China's messiah chairman Mao eventually died, three days after his death, he stayed dead. To this day he is still dead. Jesus however still lives and rules in heaven.

2. I am not saying that whoever wins, or whatever party has control, has God's stamp of approval and endorsement. All I am saying is that God's plan will move on no matter who wins. I am also not saying that voting is not important, I will vote and you should to.

The revival that happened in China, is happening in the Middle East, praise the Lord.

The information about China was taken from the book The Coming Influence of China by Carl Lawrence and David Wang. it can be purchased at

Andrew L. Gomen

concerned citizen

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