Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God is good at finding the lost

Last night, Mom came to me and said, "I've turned the house upside down looking for that registered mail receipt for the package you shipped to my brother." (Which hasn't arrived yet.)

I said, "Don't worry, it's probably still in my wallet." It wasn't.

Then I said, "It must be in the papers on my desk." It wasn't. It wasn't in my pockets either.

Then I remembered the lesson Dad has taught me from childhood: when you lose something, ask God to help you find it. "Lord, we ask for your help finding that paper."

I turned around. There was a paper on the floor between my desk and Mom's desk. It was the receipt! Why we hadn't seen it earlier, I have no idea.

This is, I guess, the modern equivalent of Luke 15, the woman who loses the silver coin and then finds it again and invites the neighbors over to celebrate. So, celebrate with us, God found our receipt! :) Now maybe we should pray that God will find the package that the receipt goes to! :)

But why is it that I get more worked up looking for lost papers than I do for lost people? Jesus point in Luke 15 was how excited God is when sinners repent. "The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which is lost." (Luke 19:10) May Your priorities be mine, Lord Jesus.

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