Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Evangelizing at a Polling Place Today

I've tried passing out tracts at various public events in the past. I got the idea (hopefully from God) to try passing them out to people who came to vote at our local polling place today. I arrived at about 7 AM.

First hurdle was finding a legal place to pass them out. There were signs at the 75 foot mark warning that being inside that limit for any reason other than voting was a class 2 misdemeanor (called "electioneering"). Fortunately, the layout of the polling place's parking provided me with an ideal place to stand, well outside the limit.

As new people drove in, I held out an "America, America" tract to them. Most rolled down their window and took it -- a few drove on by.

There were fewer people than I expected. In the two hours that I stood there, I only distributed 100 tracts. However, 100 is better than zero, and I still enjoyed my time there. During the quiet spaces I thanked God for the privileges of voting and prayed for His mercy on this once-great nation.

May go back and pass out some more later today.

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