Monday, December 16, 2013

The Glory Has Departed

So then, those who had raised their hand were baptized, and there were added that day about three souls.
And they were occasionally devoting themselves to the pastor's sermon, and to cordial chit-chat, to a cracker and juice, and to prayers for healing and prodigal children.
And everyone kept feeling a sense of boredom, and many feverish labors were being done by the pastor's hands.
And all those who believed were busy, and had few things in common   And they began buying more property and possessions, and rented storage space for the extras. And those who had need were aided by the government.
And once a week meeting at the church building they were taking their coffee and donuts together with dissipation and distraction of heart, praising their sports teams and being unnoticed by most outsiders.
And the cool band and relevant messages were occasionally adding to their number those who were being immunized against the true gospel.  
This parody of Acts 2:41-47 is not meant to be humorous or even sarcastic.  Read it with tears, not with chuckles or smirks.  How far our American churches have fallen from the glory of Pentecost (or even the glory of the Reformation). I am thankful to be in a church that this parody does not describe.  But we too have a long ways to go.  May the Lord purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good works. 


  1. Amen my brother, amen! I am going to share this for sure.


  2. Wow! This nearly brought me to tears. Sadly, this IS the state of the typical US Evangelical/"Christian" church today. Heart-breaking...but true. Thanks for this outlook!