Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An (Extra)Ordinary Guy

Recently an acquaintance of mine, whom I don't know well and had thought to be just an ordinary Guy (his name is Guy) posted this to his Facebook wall:

I have been given the number12 of random facts about me to share.1.I am a sinner 2.I am left handed.3.I was an coach at indep. 1986 4.I enjoy listening to classical music.5.I went to a live concert of Pavarotti.thank you tippy.6.I did not experience the day of thanksgiving in 1967.Enroute to viet nam our plane took off from alaska the day before thanksgiving when we landed in japan it was the day after thanksgiving.7.My wife is my greatest living hero,she has all the qualities I admire and lack in myself.8.I performed on stage at Carnegie Hall.....french horn 9.I sincerely enjoy people but I dont like crowds and I am relationally deficient.....ask my family 10.I stuttered all throughout school and still do at times.11.I once ran an orphanage in mexico.12.I was a recreation director for 4,ooo cuban refugees single men.
I was amazed to learn some of these things about him. That led me to wonder how many similar things do I not know about my other friends. Does everyone have extraordinary details to their lives? Thinking back about my own life (albeit much shorter than Guy's) I have some equally unusual facts. Here are 13 about me:
1) I have lived in the Binghamton, NY area four times in my life (totaling 13 months). 2) I have been to Oklahoma City four times (totaling almost 5 months). 3) I have been in 43 of the 50 US states (but never to neighboring Nevada). 4) I've never spent a night outside the US (hoping to change that). 5) I attended Christian preschool for 2 years (and have many vivid memories of it). 6) Despite being raised by wonderful Christian parents, I did not become a Christian until I was nearly 19. 7) The hardest mental challenge I ever undertook was building an Access database when I was 20. In retrospect, it was pretty impressive. I have been to Wrightsville, PA four times (also totaling about 5 months). 9) my first computer was a used Eagle, which ran CP/M (a pre-DOS operating system). 10) I love milking goats. 11) I love Mennonite singing. 12) I love the doctrines of grace (aka the 5 points of Calvinism). 13) I once had a torturous sleeping disorder that was largely psychosomatic.
Perhaps you could use this as a relationship-deepening conversation starter with your friends.  Ultimately, I think we will see how God has given each person unique experiences, weaknesses, and strengths.  Don't let familiarity blind you to the gifts God has put around you.  Every person is a largely untapped mine. 

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