Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Met a Movie Star!

Well, OK, he's not really a movie star yet.  But once Friday at Noon is released, hopefully Rob Hudelson's face will become familiar in many homes.

In this movie, Rob plays the role of Jack Shatley.  Here's the synopsis of the movie:
Jack Shatley, a well respected college professor, has his world turned upside down when his daughter is abducted. The only ransom is an answer to the dilemma: Why shouldn’t I do evil to her?  Cody Rawlands, whose only son was recently murdered by some of Jack’s prior students, blames Jack’s teachings for the murder. With deadness in his soul, he kidnaps Jack’s daughter. Cody is numb to the possibility of being caught by police… which puts him in complete control over the situation.  As Jack desperately looks for answers, he comes to the realization that his teaching has been fundamentally flawed. Through the counsel of his peers, he can see his own belief system unravel at the seams. With this recognition comes a twist of fate when Jack turns the dilemma back on his child’s abductor. Although it may cost him everything that he holds dear, he is willing to do the one thing that most people won’t… face the truth.

I met Rob and his wife at the Arizona homeschooling convention in July. He is a pastor and homeschooling father, the kind of guy you can't help liking. Even his wife seems to like him, which is more than most movie stars can say!

I pray that this movie will cause many people to contemplate the foundations of their own ethics: most people build on sand.

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