Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How I'm Voting in the Arizona GOP Primaries...

Let me start with an apology to my non-Arizonan readers.  This post will be of little interest to you.  Feel free to skip it!

For those of you who do live in Arizona and have been puzzling, like me, over whom to vote for this year, perhaps my "cheat sheet" will be of help.  But feel free to disagree!

US Senator:
  • John McCain has a very tarnished legacy, a man who seems to put politics above morals.
  • Jim Deakin has a slim following.  He also feels that the federal government should not attempt to regulate pornography.
  • J.D. Hayworth has serious political compromises of his own.  Nevertheless, he has at least a chance of unseating McCain.  Therefore, I'm voting for Hayworth, with the hope we can elect someone better in 6 years.
US Congress (District 1) :
  • I'm voting for Rusty Bowers.  This was a tough choice: I like all of the candidates.  But Beauchamp doesn't want to regulate internet gambling.  Zaleski seems too much of a people-pleaser, Sydney Hay lost to the incumbent Democrat 2 years ago, and the rest of them have no political experience.  Nevertheless, I'll happily vote for whichever wins in the general election against incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick.
  • Definitely Jan Brewer.  If for no other reason than to thank her for SB 1070.
State Representative (District 1)
  • Andy Tobin
  • Noel Campbell
  • But NOT Karen Fann.  She thinks euthanasia is acceptable if the voters approve.
Attorney General
  • Andrew Thomas (please do NOT vote for Tom Horne!)
State Treasurer
  • Another hard pick, but Thayer Verschoor seems to be the best.  Doug Ducey would be my second choice.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • John Huppenthal
 Corporation Commission
  • Gary Pierce
  • Brenda Burns
Helpful comparison of the candidates is available at

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