Friday, August 20, 2010

Dad Demonstrates Nasal Irrigation

One thing I admire about Dad is that he doesn't put on airs.  Ever.  My father doesn't have a vain bone in his body.  Or even vain cartilage in his nose.  In this video, he shows how to use a neti pot to rinse your sinuses.  In contrast, I would have been much more reluctant to put my schnoz on the Internet.  If  you are squeamish, you may not like his video. Nevertheless it's a lot less gross than a sinus infection.  I've tried a number of different sinus rinsing techniques over the years, and neti pots are definitely the easiest.  Nasal irrigation is also a good way to cut down on allergies.  Dad's video may save you some doctor visits and some sleepless nights!

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