Friday, January 8, 2010

Why Not Ask God to Do the Dishes?

This seemingly silly question is harder to answer than you might think.

When you wash the dishes, are you depriving God of the opportunity to perform a miracle? Would God be more honored if you prayed for Him to do the pots and pans, and He did?

We all instinctively realize the answer is no. God is (generally speaking) more glorified by us doing the dishes than by Him becoming a supernatural dishwasher. But why? I'd like your own thoughtful input on this question before I attempt an answer myself.


  1. I think that perhaps that as God is Our king it may seem a bit irreverent to ask him to do the dishes. I think the same would apply looking at him as our father. Fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. I can see very few times that asking him to do the dishes would make a lot of sense

  2. If "doing the dishes" were a metaphor for asking God to do what He has given me the resources to do, I'm ashamed to say, I do it all the time!

  3. @aswesow. Yes, I do it too! But why do you think that God wants us to do anything? Wouldn't God's power be more glorified if He did EVERYTHING for us? There is an answer, but it took me surprisingly long to figure it out. (To other people it might come very easily. I tend to overcomplicate things.)