Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Joy of Family Ministry

In the 1980's there was a Christian kid's TV program called Kids Praise The Lord. It was hosted by a family (whose name I have now forgotten). I don't really remember any of the shows, except for the zany opening (see video below) and their "Sinbag the Sailor" segments. Sinbag was a brown paper bag turned upside down and used as a puppet. He was an evil character who tried to convince his watchers (us kids) to yield to temptation. But always his arguments would be proven false and he would be wadded into a ball and thrown into the trash.

In hindsight, the theology of the program was sometimes weak. But one thing I appreciate about KPTL was that it showed an imperfect but intact family enjoying each other and working together to share Jesus. In today's dysfunctional culture, there are few more powerful ways to demonstrate the power of the gospel of Jesus than to minister together as a family.

As you watch the video I've embedded in this post, imagine how much fun they must have had together creating it!

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