Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pray for Mago Followers

Last month my pastor and I had the blessing of sharing about Jesus with several people at the grand opening of the Mago Earth Park.

Since then I have learned more about Mago and the organization that is behind her park.

Here are two short videos that explain the Mago worldview. I disagree with their worldview, of course, but these will help you to know how to pray for them.

The Korean man who founded the Mago religion, Ilchi Lee, was the subject of a CNN investigative report earlier this month. Here is an interesting segment from that report which was actually filmed at the same Mago grand opening I was at.

The Mago statue is the subject of a heated debate in my community. The Cottonwood city government is in the process of deciding whether it violates zoning regulations.


  1. Thank you for posting this, I simply hope you realize that the selected segment from CNN is as biaised as the rest of the report. The man bringing the camera down is Ilchi Lee's son and not a bodyguard as claimed by CNN. CNN were trespassing as Ilchi Lee was walking to the ribbon cutting that you have witmessed.
    Before praying without the whole picture, please visit dahnyogavoice dot com for the facts that CNN intentionally elected out of their story to make it more sensational.
    An official appology has been asked off CNN.

  2. Thank you for your prayers. Prayers are always welcome. But I would like to make it clear that despite the creation story in the video, the Mago philosophy is not a religion and does not preclude or negate belief in Jesus as the Savior. That may not have been communicated well yet to the general public. But many people believe in Jesus and understand Mago. The Mago philosophy merely asserts that whether you believe in Jesus or not, you are still dependent upon the earth, and that harmony with the earth and each other is essential for our survival. The earth is a common denominator amongst all people and can be a means of bringing them together, despite any other beliefs they have. That’s the true purpose of the Mago Earth Park. My own personal instinct is that Jesus would support the message and purpose of the Mago Earth Park.

  3. Thanks for your notes, Anonymous. What is the difference between a "philosophy" and a "religion", as you use the words?

    And what do you see as the core reason why humans mistreat the earth and each other?

    If you'd rather communicate via email, mine is danielbartsch [at] q [dot] com.