Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mom in Great Pain, Please Pray

Hi friends,

Today has been a really tough one for Mom. Yesterday, since things have been pretty much staying the same for several weeks now, she did more research on what would be necessary for her to have a colonoscopy, which is the only procedure any doctor has suggested. There are basically three dangers for her in having a colonoscopy:

  1. That she would not be able to expel the gallon of "Go Litely" that is required before a colonoscopy. This liquid is supposed to "clean you out" so that there can be a successful insertion of the colonoscope. But if your problem is that you can't get cleaned out... and that liquid gets trapped partway through... well, you can imagine the result.
  2. That she would have a reaction to odors in the procedure room (perfumes, deodorants, laundry detergent, etc.). Amazingly, a female gastroenterologist in Flagstaff that Mom happened to check with is also sensitive to perfume and has standing orders for her techs not to wear perfume. So that's a good lead.
  3. That she would have a reaction to the anesthetic (sedative) used during the procedure. For a normal person, this is not a significant risk, but for chemically sensitive people like Mom, this is a serious risk. She has been investigating alternative anesthetics that are better tolerated by chemically sensitive people.

One of the people she spoke with yesterday told her that if she was concerned that she would not be able to pass the "Go Litely", she could use a couple bottles of Magnesium Citrate to sort of do a preliminary flush during the days just before taking the Go Litely. The idea being to sort of make Go Litely's job a bit easier and increase the likelihood that it will come through.

She's tried Mag Citrate several times during the last few months. It's only worked minimally. She decided she would try taking it again to verify how much of a "pre-flush" it would actually cause. She took a bottle yesterday and several hours later it came through, minimally. She took another bottle this morning and it has NOT come through. The liquid is just sitting in her intestines.

Normally when we drink liquid, it is absorbed from the intestine and expelled as urine. Mag Citrate works by drawing water back into your intestines--basically a chemical way of inducing diarrhea. Until the magnesium citrate is expelled from her intestines, the water will continue to sit there and will not reabsorb into the body. She is in excruciating pain, barely able to get up out of a chair. Your prayers for her would be greatly appreciated right now. Thank you friends!

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