Monday, July 6, 2009

Lloyd Breaks Loose

Our church's evening outreach at the Cottonwood July 4th celebration went well. Thank You, Father!

We met at church to pray first. Then carpooled to the park.

There were 6 of us. Here's the team picture. My Dad is not in the picture because he was holding the camera! :)

The man at the far left, Lloyd, is a very quiet man, almost shy. I was surprised--and grateful--for his willingness to join us. You see, Lloyd had never given a gospel tract to a stranger before in his life. The older you are, the harder it is to break out of your comfort zone.

Our team divided up. I handed out tracts mostly. My attempts at starting conversations with unsaved people didn't go anywhere. I did have a nice talk with a retired pastor and his wife. It turned out they had been in the Advanced Training Institute homeschooling program at roughly the same time we were. (A very rare "coincidence" but God enjoys orchestrating these!) Jim and his son Michael, on the other hand, focused almost exclusively on evangelistic conversations rather than bulk tracting. God blessed them with some fantastic conversations.

When we regrouped to return to church, I asked Lloyd how it had gone. "Well, I got rid of all 200 tracts!" he said happily. That made my day. And I think his too. A man most of us would write off as too old to change had just broken through his comfort zone in a new area.

More pictures are here on my photo album.

We hope to stay longer at next year's July 4th celebration -- it was a great opportunity.

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