Thursday, July 23, 2009

18 Ways to Help the Persecuted Church

1) Become a member of the Be-A-Voice network so you can:
a) Promote prayer for the persecuted church by printing the Be-A-Voice prayer bulletins for distribution in your Bible study group, prayer group, Sunday school class, etc.
b) Send your friends free copies of "Tortured for Christ".
2) Write to imprisoned Christians. You can do this on your own or with a group (
3) Distribute VOM newsletters to members of your church.
4) Distribute brochures offering a free VOM newsletter and resource.
5) Maintain an ongoing VOM display in your church.
6) Show a VOM DVD to a congregation, Sunday school class, or Bible study.
7) Invite a VOM speaker to your church (
8) Supply your church's youth department with VOM children’s literature (Kids of Courage).
9) Use VOM material for a vacation Bible school.
10) Encourage your church's high school youth group to watch Underground Reality Vietnam DVD (
11) Suggest your church host a VOM Saturday conference (888- 330-8015 ext. 429).
12) Sponsor a VOM related project: A Blanket and a Bible, Action Packs, Bibles Unbound.
13) Host a periodic prayer meeting on behalf of the persecuted church.
14) Sponsor a church worker, either individually or through a group (
15) Send Bibles to those who do not know Christ in a hostile or restricted country: you can order a Bibles Unbound DVD from
16) Take a packet of VOM information to other churches in your area.
17) Bring a group to VOM in Oklahoma as short-term volunteers (
18) Consider being a volunteer spokesperson for VOM in your area (888-330-8015 ext. 434).

-- from the Be a Voice FAQ page

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  1. Daniel, thank you for posting this. I know I wonder, and others may as well, how we can be a part of the VOM Ministry. Thank you for your steadfast part.