Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pray for (and Evangelize) Spammers

I don't know about you, but normally I see spam as an irritation rather than an opportunity. It's hard to remember that behind every spam there is a real human being. But for the grace of God, I could have become a spammer myself.

I have begun writing back to a certain class of spam, the Nigerian fraud messages. In my reply, I say:

Due to the 99% chance that you are engaging in criminal activity (theft), we have no desire to do business with you. However, I do desire that God bless you. If you are indeed, as I suspect, a thief and a liar, please, give up your wickedness. Jesus will take away your bad heart and give you a new, good heart if you will allow Him. Please read a Bible and find Jesus before it is too late. All thieves and liars will go to hell. (Revelation 21:8). I don’t want that to happen to you.
Occasionally, the spammer writes back. Not often, but it does happen. Just yesterday I received a message from one (spelling not corrected):

I understand every single words in your email but you see, I do not really like this work but I just have earn a living . Am graduate for 4 years no work to do .i do not want to stay idol so I decided to be doing some I know that it will give me some money no matter what. Am telling all this because of the prayer from you to me. Am a Christian ,I go to church too ,I Know every thing you said but I can just let my life waste away, neither do I want stay hunger. I can see it that you are a good person and Christian the way you put every words in your email . Is there any way you can give me some assistance or Help me out of the situation . If you can plz be free to contact with my really number {he listed a Nigerian number}. Am give all these because your manner of approach in your email and you gave your details too. I think we can good friend .am 28yrs old Africa,

Let's pray that this young man becomes a genuine follower of Jesus and that God provides him with a good job. It must be really tough living in Nigeria, beyond what we Americans can imagine.


  1. May God Bless him!

  2. ...very often we forget that even behind Spam is a person who needs the life transformation that only Jesus Christ can accomplish in our lives. Daniel, your article makes oneself re-think your own attitude. May the Lord Jesus help you to be a good "spiritual midwife" for the people you are in contact with.