Friday, August 8, 2008

Brad Melton visited our church too!

Two Sundays ago Brad Melton spoke at my church. Interestingly, I had bumped in to Brad and his wife a few days earlier at the Arizona homeschooling convention in Phoenix.

Brad has a very interesting story. He was raised in a dysfunctional family, got involved in a Baptist church in his teens and "got saved", then became a Mormon! He went as a Mormon missionary to Argentina, then got totally disenfranchised with the LDS church and became an atheist!

Four years later he was genuinely and gloriously saved by Jesus, and now has a ministry providing Biblical worldview and apologetics training.

Unlike James White, who is bold, witty and somewhat over-awing, Brad is more quiet and "approachable". I actually enjoyed my one on one talks with Brad more than his teachings. His fact sheet on Mormonism is by far the most succinct and clear summary I have ever encountered. He also makes ministry to and with his family a priority--something that is tragically rare in today's American churches.

I highly recommend you visit his web site and sign up for his free email newsletter, which provides some in depth, thoughtful articles.

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