Friday, March 21, 2008

A Radical Call to Simplify

Michael Vier has lived in this van for over 5 years. Everything he owns is inside it. The cupola with bells is retractable. All he has to do is drive into a parking lot (such as at a Walmart), open the back door and put up the cupola, and people start coming over. He tries to share the gospel personally with each, and then give them a DVD presentation he's recorded of basic gospel truths.

The 5 ”portholes“ serve as holders for 5 drawings illustrating the parable of the sower. The little figurines and block letters above also go with the message. 1+1+1=1 illustrates the ”stumbling block“ of the Word (in this case, the Trinity). The birds above the 2nd porthole illustrate Satan who steals the Word from the hearts of listeners.

Which rabbit can run faster? The one on the right. Why? Because he has less to carry with him. Possessions often bog us down. The walls we build to protect our possessions become prison walls that hold us in!

A look from the cabin to the cab.

He's built an illustration of John 15 (the parable of the vine and the branches) into the ceiling.

The small block letters above the sign say “Other seeds are choked out by cares, by riches, and by pleasures.”

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