Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Carport

We just had a new carport built. The workers arrived at approximately 2 PM (below).

They were 4 Hispanics from Coast to Coast Carports. I must say, however, I was exceptionally impressed with their work ethic. They worked exceptionally fast. You could tell they had done a few buildings before. They did not have to figure anything out -- they knew the system, everyone knew his responsibility. It was like watching ants work, how efficient and speedy they were.

They were also very strong. Those sheets of metal are not light, but they often lifted them singlehandedly. Also note the agility of the guy on top. He didn't seem afraid of heights, even swinging a sledgehammer from the top of a ladder at one point. (And no one was holding the ladder either.)

And here are Mom and Dad inside the new building at 4 PM. Yes, that's right, they did it in just 2 hours!

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