Friday, March 7, 2008

NY Philharmonic in North Korea

You may already have seen this (it got quite a bit of press), but you can watch the performance of the NY Philharmonic Orchestra in North Korea that took place last month.

Go here:

Three great benefits of watching it:

  • It should motivate you to pray even more for the people of North Korea. Looking at those empty faces of people who have quite possibly never heard a clear presentation of the good news about Jesus even one time in their lives should touch you.
  • You’ll hear some very good music.
  • Watching an orchestra perform is always a powerful example of how the Church is supposed to operate. It is beautiful to see and hear so many people exercising their gifts in harmony with each other, under the leadership of a skilled conductor. (You can guess who the Conductor is for the Church, right?)

May Jesus bless you, His church, and the people of North Korea.

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