Monday, January 12, 2015

A Lament for a Fallen Christian Leader

If you've been a Christian for a while, you have probably experienced the pain of watching the fall of a spiritual leader you once admired.  I have written this poem in hopes of helping us process the emotions and respond appropriately.

How could the mighty fall
from combing skies,
and give up all
to claw the earth with cries?

How could a shepherd boy
become a Saul
and then destroy
the flock which was his all?

How could he have no friend
to stop the train
before the end?
Did his friends think like Cain?
How could such silver rules,
such pedigree,
such splendid schools
produce such infamy?

How could such honey jet
from lips that kiss
the dirt and yet
think nothing is amiss?

How could a sinner get
forgiveness free
and turn to spit
disgrace upon the Tree?

How could God save by him
who would be lost,
for some strange whim
as castaway be tossed?

How could God not deter
from evil's lurk
His messenger
And finish His good work?

How could I think so much
of clay and build
my dreams on such
who, like me, had God killed?

Is there yet chance that he,
though Demas now,
a Mark may be,
again to keep his vow?

How can I hope I've got
no risk of fall?
Why might I not,
in love with world, leave Paul?

May toppled towers be
dread means of grace
like walls, keep me
entranced with just Your face.

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