Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Gospel According to Daniel

This isn't a book about me, it's about the guy I was named for.  And actually, it's about his God.  Often when we read the book of Daniel, we either focus on his heroic choices to obey God amidst pressure to compromise, or on horns and statues and Antiochus Epiphanes.  The Gospel According to Daniel is so refreshingly different.

Bryan Chapell writes with the gravity and honesty and simplicity of one who knows suffering firsthand.  This is not a book of beautiful words and humorous anecdotes.  This is the book that will take you to the marrow of Daniel, and strengthen you for dark days.  If your life is not difficult, you probably will not enjoy it.  It's not a verse-by-verse exposition of every nuance of the book, but it is a clarifying 'big picture' walk through each chapter.

What Jesus on Every Page does in brief for the whole Bible, this book does for Daniel.  Prepare to have your heart strengthened by Daniel's descriptions of the God of grace redeeming sinners and preparing the timeline for the Messiah.

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