Sunday, October 27, 2013

Women in Combat?

I found Lt. Col. Maxwell's way of explaining it very compelling -- Daniel

(Reprinted from Ken Korkow's 'eFax of Life' newsletter)

Tim Maxwell has been in combat.  This medically-retired Marine Lt. Col. has the medals / post traumatic stress / traumatic brain injury to prove he's the 'real deal'.  Though his brain injury and physical limitations are very significant - his passion and tenacity have driven him to help many, many 'wounded warriors'.  Below (and unaltered) are his thoughts.

As you consider what he has to share - especially in light of all the military sexual-abuse and female-casuality reports currently being reported - what are your thoughts?   
"As memorial day comes to an end, the shrapnel in my brain bounces   
around with confusion.  Why is it that women and men don't play   
against each other in any sports, not even tennis, which is one of the   
least violent game,  but government has decided that women should be   
part of infantry teams? Even more confusing and depressing is the fact   
that the public has supported this decision. Do they think combat is   
easier than tennis?  Do people think that in combat, women only play   
women and men only play men? Can't they see how dumb this is?
To be in an infantry squad during a battles is kind of like a...   
professional football, with no periods, no breaks, no replacements,   
no food, no water...nothing but your team.  To win, you have to be the   
last team standing. You kill them, or they kill you.  Often, people in   
the stands are killed, even when they are children with their mothers,   
 but they are worth no points, so you should ignore it, but you   
probably don't. Bodies are everywhere.  Blood is everywhere. Those who   
win this game look around, amazed that they are still alive.   
Immediately thereafter, they look for their teammates, assessing the   
situation, figuring out who needs to be medevaced .  All the while, a   
new game may begin. 
 If combat was a professional sport, a violent sport, like this, would America order every team to accept women? 

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