Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bible Overview, Fast

English speakers today have the blessing -- and responsibility -- of access to more Bibles and Bible tools than any other language or time in history.  Men and women throughout history have died horrible deaths so their people could read God's Word in their own language, a privilege we take for granted today. 

Recently Tyndale gave me a free copy of a new Bible they've produced, for my review.  I wasn't required to give it a positive review, but I see great potential in this "Wayfinding Bible".  It is specifically good for people who want to get a good overall grasp of the Bible quickly.  Think of a serious seeker or a new believer or someone who has dabbled in the Bible for years but now realizes they need to go all-out.

The basic idea is that this Bible provides three reading tracks to take you through the most essential portions of the Bible: flyover, direct, and scenic.  The tracks are easy to follow, just look for the colored arrows.  There are also helpful section and book introductions that orient readers to where this part fits into the overall storyline of the Bible and how it points to Jesus.

This Bible uses the New Living Translation (again, aimed more for introductory readers than for seasoned Bible students).  It has a nice weighty feel in your hand and the pages stay open nicely.  All of the pages are full color; there are even color photographs, maps, and infographics sprinkled liberally throughout the text.  There is not much room for writing marginal notes, and it does not include cross references. 

If you would like my copy, send me a note and I might send it to you for free!  Also, check out the video below for more information. 


  1. Hi Daniel-
    I would be interested in seeing your copy of the new Tyndale Bible if you haven't sent it on to someone already. I could send it back after looking at it for awhile. I just spoke with you about 8 empty ink cartridges so you have my address from that contact. Thank you!

  2. I would love to send it to you, Mrs. C. Feel free to simply give it away to someone else if you decide you don't want to keep it!