Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God's Unthanked Voice

After my post a few weeks ago telling the story of God guiding Jim to find the alternator for the guys in O'Reilly's, a loyal blog reader (one of my tens and tens of readers, as Todd Friel would say) wrote in with her own story of God's guidance in finding a lost object.

We were at an auction near Denver many years ago. After registering for a bidder's card we stood around near that area because it was indoors and the morning was cold.

A woman started acting very agitated and then began to say that she had lost the diamond out of her ring and she felt certain it was after she had entered the small room. 

No one could see it while searching the uncluttered floor. Then [my husband] prayed to be able to help her and then he felt led to walk over to the registration counter and he felt down and under the facing panels which stood out from the foundation of the counter. he found it and held it to her and asked if was her diamond. She was happy and said yes and seemed grateful. He told her he'd prayed for guidance. She happily accepted the jewel. But THEN she seemed to change to a demeanor which implied that he'd seen it earlier and kicked it under so he could pocket after she left. Oh well.

She missed the blessing of knowing God had done it.

The man in the car shop accepted the blessing.

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