Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Looking for Gift Ideas?

Dear _______,

I pray that the enclosed “surprises” will be as great a blessing to you as they have been to me.

I love using the Psalter in my personal devotions.  Many of the tunes are borrowed from familiar hymns, and for the ones that aren’t, I have usually been able to find another tune with the same meter that I do know.  (I’ve enclosed a few ‘cheat sheets’ to help you with this.)

I just learned of the “Dispatches from the Front” DVD series recently.  It came highly recommended, and now I can see why.  I’m not sure I can put their impact into words.  They’re an unusual but beautiful blend of missions, Scripture, spiritual depth, simplicity, unnoticed heroes, and good videography.  The one caveat I have is that in the first episode (southeast Asia) they deal some with sex trafficking.  For portions of this episode, I found it best to look away from the screen.  (And for young children, the beginning of episode 3 would be frightening as they recap the history of civil war in Liberia, West Africa.)  But still, all five episodes are worth watching and sharing with others.  May the Lord of the Harvest use them to thrust many more laborers into the fields!
Grateful for your years of friendship and prayers,


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