Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great Things Come From Small Churches

While I was up in Ogden a couple months ago, I began flipping through some booklets on Pastor Kolkow's coffee table.  I learned they were printed and mailed out regularly by Mount Zion Bible Church--a small church in Florida--for free!

When I got back home, I visited their web site and signed up for a free subscription to their quarterly printed magazine, the Free Grace Broadcaster.  Sure enough, a few days later, the mail brought not only a copy of their latest magazine, but also a sampling of their other free-upon-request booklets as well. 

Most of their materials are carefully selected reprints of works by noteworthy dead Christians such as Spurgeon, Pink, Bunyan, Whitefield, Bonar, Calvin, and a number of the Puritans.  All of these materials are also available for free download as PDF's from their web site. 

If you like chewing meat, not cotton candy, send an email with your mailing address to and ask to be added to their mailing list!

"I should think myself in the way of my duty, to raise the affections {for God} of my hearers as high as I possibly can, provided they are affected with nothing but truth, and with affections that are not disagreeable to the nature of what they are affected with." -- Jonathan Edwards

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