Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mom's Knee is Improving!

Well friends, it seems that our gracious and all-powerful God is answering your prayers by bringing healing to Mom's body once again.

Last Friday the doctor loaned us a “pivot disc” which is like a lazy Susan that she stands on. It makes it much easier to transfer her from chair to walker to toilet to bed. Since then it has only taken one of us to move her rather than two. This in turn has meant that Dad and I have been able to take turns getting out of the house, going to church events, etc.

This week her pain level has improved. She has been able to get better sleep at night.  The sound of my mother's soft snoring in the other room is one of my favorite sounds.

 A physical therapist has come twice this week. She has been quite knowledgeable and helpful, recommending exercises that Mom is capable of and which actually seem to be helpful. Mom is now able to put some weight on the leg, and is able to move it more freely.

 Another amazing thing is that Mom has been able to tolerate the smell of a natural muscle ointment (smells and works like Ben-gay). In the past the smell would have made her sick.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support during this time!

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