Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mom in E.R.

This morning while taking her shower Mom stood on one leg (as she normally does) so she could wash the other leg.  Standing on the right leg went fine, but when she stood on her left leg to wash her right leg, she heard and felt a loud snap in or just below her left knee.  The pain was excruciating.  Dad was able to get her seated on her walker and get her dried off and dressed.  

Then she came out, ate a little breakfast, and called several people on the phone to get advice on how to proceed.  She has no pain unless she moves her leg or puts weight on it.  We suspect a fracture due to her osteoporosis.

It became clear quickly that getting an X-ray at the ER would be necessary.  But we were unsure how to transport her there.  She didn’t think she could get into the car.  But she didn’t want to be laid flat on an ambulance gurney (which would really hurt her back).  

Then we learned that the hospital could transport her sitting up (the back of the gurney comes up).  So a very nice crew from the fire department came out and very carefully helped her get on the gurney and transported her to the emergency room.

Dad followed in the station wagon.  I’m here at home for now.  I’ll update you as I learn more.

Her attitude is good. Thanks for your prayers! 


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