Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free online BrainBench testing next week

Hi A___ and B_____,
Not sure if this would be of interest for you, but thought I’d tell you just in case.
BrainBench is an online testing service. Their exams are not proctored (you do them from your own computer) but otherwise are on par with CLEP-style tests. They offer about 600 different exams on a wide range of subjects. Normally they charge between $30 and $50 for a test.
Next week (March 5-9) all tests will be free. No catches. Details here:
Probably the big question you’re wondering is, “What good is a non-proctored test?” While there actually is use of these exams in the business world by job applicants, in the case of your families I thought maybe your older kids might be interested in trying a few. It’s a convenient (from home), cheap (free), and very challenging (these are adult-level tests) way to measure their skill levels. The test results are also comprehensive: it’s not just a pass/fail result; they give you a score, tell you how your score compared with other test-takers, how many questions in each section of the test you got right, and what your areas of strength and weakness are.
It won’t get them any college credit, but it will give them practice at taking exams, and might help them know where they want to focus their studies.

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