Saturday, October 1, 2011

Your Church is Better

I haven't been to a Psalm 119 Conference.  Nevertheless, having just been blessed by other conferences (one just a few days ago) I find the words below very true.  They are taken from the most recent Wretched Radio newsletter.  May they encourage you to stick it out at your own church, through the thick and thin of real relationships.  Daniel
The preaching at the Psalm 119 Conferences is out of the park and the fellowship is unbelievably sweet. Like-minded Christians spent two days chatting about Jesus, eating and talking some more about Jesus.
Many people didn’t want to leave. Why? Because it was so…not like church.
You see, church is like marriage, it is a school of character. Fellow believers rub you like sandpaper, smoothing off your rough edges: pride, perfectionism, selfishness, a short temper. Why? Because after you have been with those same people for longer than say, a two day conference, you start to see their true colors.
Click here to sign up for the Psalm 119 ConferenceConferences don’t allow for that. At conferences you don’t have to decide what color the curtains are going to be. At a conference you don’t have to see how attendees treat their children or spouses. At a conference you don’t have to listen to other people spout stupid ideas about how things should be done. Nor do you have to listen to their dumb answers during Bible study.
At church you do. And that is so good for you.
Do we want you to attend the Dallas or Sacramento Psalm 119 Conferences this year? Of course we do. We want you to hear staggeringly good preaching and enjoy fellowship that will make you long
for heaven. But we want you to leave the Psalm 119 Conference longing for your local church. That is the place that will get up your nose, make you annoyed and will turn you more into the image of Jesus Christ.

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