Sunday, October 9, 2011

Larry's in a Hurry

From a friend who attended last month's Simply the Story training with me.  He moved to the US from Sri Lanka earlier this year.  Please pardon the few typo's and enjoy a classic story of joyous evangelism.  Daniel

Hi Daniel,

It was such a joy coming to know you and your family. I appreciate all you did, going out of your ways to make our stay a memorable one. Please let your Mom know that I received an email from her friend in China and will respond today.

Last morning President Obama timed his departure from Phoenix in such a way to have us straddled to our seats for 20 minutes passed our scheduled departure time. Our flight finally took off Immediately after the President's and a stewardess began serving refreshments. Commenting on her good serving I kind a set her up for what would be an opportunity to 'tell the story'. My moment came when the seat belt sign was switched off. Immediately unbuckling I looked out for Larry who was seated several rows in front of me. But he'd gone missing in a twinkle of an eye, probably fallen flat on the empty row of seats like he did each day after returning to his room from the workshop.

But then, from the back of the plane, suddenly a loud voice called out, 'Martha, Martha', I swiftly turned around and to my utter dismay lo and behold was Larry 'telling the story' to the stewardess I had taken so much pain setting up. Not wanting to be left out I rushed to the scene. The air hostess was seated legs crossed hands folded on here lap. People were rushing back and forth to the only toilet behind this last row of seats. Across the isle, swinging and swaying to avoid hurried people blocking his view, varying his tone to blend with the sound of the flushing toilet, sat Larry simply telling the story. He paused to introduce me -as if that was necessary- and continued to tell the story. By now the woman was all ears -never mind her serving- and engaged in the ensuing discussion with a beaming smile and deeply thought out responses. This got Larry excited beyond his usual and he continued to dig even deeper, 'In the course of your work have you ever been made to feel like Martha?', he probed.

The young woman promptly responded, 'Most people take my service for granted.They think I'm here just to serve; little realizing that safety and security of passengers is what matters to me foremost'. After a little more repartee Larry told her that the story was from Luke 10 and she promised to look it up. With that we went to our seats allowing the hostess get about her work, serving.

Once home and the family gathered for prayers in the evening I told the story of the jars of oil. It was a wonderful experience for us all. But that's another story. This time however, I was not going to miss out on being the one telling the story and made sure the door was locked. Just in case.


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