Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good News for Homosexuals (and the rest of us!)

This is my attempt to write a presentation of the gospel for homosexuals in less than 300 words. My goal was to avoid getting caught up in the issue of homosexuality itself, which is just a symptom of a deeper problem, and to focus on the problem (and its Solution!). I welcome your suggestions for improvements!
Homosexuality is prohibited in the Bible. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with it. If God has not told us what is good and what is evil, we have no basis to declare anything wrong. For example, is it ever loving to kill? Violent criminals? Terri Schiavo? Saddam? Unborn babies? Cows? Trees? Roaches? How quickly this question becomes a matter of personal opinion when we don’t have an authoritative standard!

I oppose homosexuality because it is evil. But so are adultery, divorce, pornography, and sex before marriage. So, homosexuality isn’t the core problem. The problem is our rebellion against our Creator’s authority. Whether we manifest our rebellion sexually or through some “trivial” sin like lying, pirating music, speeding, or cheating on taxes, we do it because we don’t want God ruling us. When God erects a “fence”, we assume He wants to restrict us from pleasure rather than protect us from danger.

We deserve hell for the ways we refuse our good God’s restrictions on our “rights”. Yet today God is withholding his wrath and offering us mercy. Jesus, the Son of God, left the glories of heaven to become a man and experience the pains and temptations of earthly life just like us. Unlike us, he did not rebel against God’s plan for his life. That plan ultimately led him to an ugly and violent death on a cross. At the cross, God poured out the punishment that we deserve on His Son. The substitution was a success. God raised Jesus from the dead. When we turn from our sin and trust in Jesus as our only Savior and Lord who took our punishment and frees us from sin, God will declare us righteous and welcome us into his family.


  1. Daniel, instead of saying "Homosexuality is prohibited in the Bible. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with it.," I think I'd say something like "Homosexuality is prohibited in the Bible because it is contrary to the natural use of our bodies," or "because it's against nature," or something along those lines.

    It's not wrong because the Bible prohibits it. The Bible prohibits it because it's wrong. It's wrong because, as you say later, it's rebellion against our Creator's plan which can clearly be seen in nature (or in any anatomy class). If I, being born a man try to look and function as a woman, what does that say about God's role in causing me to be born as a man? Either I'm wrong or God messed up by letting me come into life as the wrong gender. God don't make no mistakes.

  2. Speaking to Christians I think you are fine. After all they understand the premise. To present to a homosexual you will be turned off if not booted out after the first sentence. The key to any witnessing is to show the person that we all sin, regardless of that sin and that Christ is the only answer. And it has to be done in love. The opening sentence is pure law and will turn off anyone. You can substitute any sin for homosexual relations and it comes out the same. We live under grace, need to go that route.

    It is almost trite way of doing so, but I would try the ten commandments approach. (A lot of people have seen and used this.) If you are not familiar with the approach - let me know and I'll send some links. The point is this approach recognizes that we are all sinners no matter what the sin. It places us on equal footing, which we are, we just are saved by God's grace.

    Whether they "repent" of their homosexual behavior or not is not the issue. If the Holy Spirit truly moves in their life, God will work on the person. After all He is still working on each of us as well.

    1 Thess 1:?? Says that they turned to God from sin. Peter at the house of Cornelius saw gentiles saved, not by repentance, baptism and faith. But rather the reverse faith, baptism and then a walk of repentance. The point is that we all need to turn TO God first. The other things will fall in place as He directs.