Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Fasting" from Skype and Twitter

Hi friends,

You have probably heard the parable about the man who was so behind in his wood cutting that he wouldn't take time to sharpen his chainsaw.  I've been sensing some "dullness" lately in my own relationship with Jesus and so I'm experimenting to see if "fasting" from Skype and Twitter and blogs (both reading and writing) and the news will help.  When I try to listen to too many "voices" at once, the voice of God becomes harder to distinguish.  You won't notice any interruption in the flow of blog messages from me because over the last few months I have built up a fairly large "backlog" of interesting posts that are now scheduled to come out every few days during my absence.

I plan to be back "online" around July 19th.

You can still reach me by email or phone.

In Jesus' love,


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