Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Psalm for Mom

Today Mom completed her sixty-third trip around the sun.  Join Dad and I in rejoicing in God's goodness in leaving her with us for another year.

I happened to notice that the sixty-third Psalm is especially appropriate for Mom's life right now.  If you want to know how to pray for her, you can pray this Psalm.

I printed out a Psalter version of it for her this morning.  (First I tried to modernize the English of the Scottish Psalter, which sticks more precisely to the text of Scripture.  But it wasn't going well, so I pulled up this modern but slightly paraphrased version.)

1 O LORD, my God, most earnestly
I seek your holy face,
within your house again to see
the glories of your grace.
Apart from you I long and thirst,
and naught can satisfy;
I wander in a desert land
where all the streams are dry.

2 The loving-kindness of my God
is more than life to me,
so I will praise you all my days
and pray continually.
In you my soul is satisfied,
my darkness turns to light,
and joyful meditations fill
the watches of the night.

3 Beneath the shadow of your wings
I sing my joy and praise.
Your right hand is my strong support
through troubled nights and days.
All those who seek my life will fall;
my life is in your hand.
God's king and people will rejoice;
in victory they will stand.
Source: Psalter, 1912; Psalter Hymnal, 1987, rev.
 Suggested tune: O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

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