Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mom Walked Up the Driveway Today!

Those of you who have both seen our driveway and seen Mom at the worst part of her health crisis during the past year can attest that this is a remarkable sign of God's renewing touch on her body.  Of course, all physical healings here on earth are only temporary: we have to die some day.  But "temporary" healings like this are reminders that Jesus offers permanent healing as well: the miraculous act of bringing a soul that is in rebellion against God, dead in its sins, to life and eternal fellowship and joy with God in His presence (see Ephesians 2:1-10) .  May this morning's video encourage you to worship Jesus and trust Him with your life!


  1. Praise God! Thanks for sharing this video, Daniel... thanking God for His mercy and His loving kindness.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video with me showing the power of God and what he can do in our lives as I watched as you mom walked up her steep drive it bought tears to my eyes what a wonderful God we both serve Glory, Glory, Glory praise his name Thank you Jesus, I must also say what a lovely place where you live and the view is quite breath taking God has blessed your family God bless you all and once again thank you for sharing your video with me I am going to put it on my Archos 7 so I can carry it with me in my pocket

    Barry (Birmingham England)

  3. Hello Daniel, What a wonderfully amazing miracle your mom and whole family has received this morning. Of course, each and every moment of every day we have the blessed miracle of one more breath... and what do we do with each of those new breaths? It's apparent that the Bartsch Family uses them to Praise their Savior and Lord and to boldly proclaim His Gospel!!! OH GLORY AND HONOR TO YOU FATHER... thank You for manifesting my precious sister Ann's healing. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Thank You that while we yet remain in our carnal bodies, we can and shall walk in total health and should it be YOUR time for us to go home before The Lord's return, we just go home... but NEVER AGAIN SICK...

    ANOTHER GRAND SLAM WIN OVER that so-called wimp of an enemy... JESUS and we CONQUERED HIM... love because of Jesus, Cheryl-Lynn, Bradenton, Florida