Saturday, April 17, 2010

God's Might in China!

My mother received this heart-moving, unsolicited letter from a Christian friend in China. I give it to you exactly as it was written. The English mistakes only add to the charm and authenticity of this account of God's mighty power in rescuing an entire family from the futile way life inherited from their ancestors (1 Peter 1:18).-- Daniel

Dear Sister Ann,

I am excitied and thankful after listening to brother Kou's testimony. I would like to share with you.

One sister asked Pastor Kou to pray for her. She told him she had a dream that all her families believe in God. Her family is in the village. There are nine people in her family. Her parents, her 6 younger sisters. The youngest sister was given to others. Pastor Kou was happily to promise her to pray for her family. At the same time, he also asked other sisters and brothers pray together with him.

One day, one thing happen between her family and her neighbor. Her neighbor tried to fahk some of her home space. So they went to court. Brother Kou and other christians begun to pray for them to win the lawsuit. Also brother Kou thought it was a chance for God work in her family, If God let her family win the lawsuit, they may come to Jesus. They praied for about 5 years. Finally, brother Kou was a little depressed to know her family lost the lawsuit. He asked God, why let them lost the lawsuit, it is correct for them to win it. hehe, God's work is beyong our expection, her dad belive in God after lawsuit. He told brother Kou, he found relatives was indifferent, there was unfairness in this world. He just want to come to Jesus.

Her mom worshiped idols, also she suffered hemiplegy and was on the wheelchair for about 20 years. Brother Kou went to visit her, after he told Gospel to her, he asked her whether she would like to believe in Jesus, She said she would. He advise her to clear all the idols away from her home. But she told him she worship idol for many years, and she had feelings with them, she wouldn't like to clear them away immediately. Brother Kou said OK, if you would like to clear them away in the future, please let me know, I would like to help you. Brother Kou continue praying for her, and please God cure her, then she became true believer, and she might want to clear all the idols away.

But One day, brother Kou got a bad news from the sister, her mom went to the hospital and her illness was very very serious, brother Kou also ask God, my father, why not cure her, or make her illness lighter, but serious now. He went to the hospital and visit her mom. and he pray together with her. Suddenly her mom interruppted prayer, and told him excitedly; Pastor Kou, Jesus love me so much! I can't bear the machine they put on me, I pray please God remove it after 3 months. hehe, doctor just told me, it is OK to remove machine(used to help cure her) next wednesday. It is just about 3 months. At the same time, she asked brother Kou to clear all the idols away. Brother Kou was excited when heard of this, he asked other brothers together with him clear all the idols by two trucks.

All the villager in her village didn't belive in God, they knew brother Kou clear idols from her family, and her family belive in God. Brother Kou also continue pray for her urgently, please God cure her, and all the villagers know God. But after 3 days, he was very sad to know her mom was died. He was a little afraid of that. He thought maybe her family will complain him, or hit him.

But he decided to go to her family to visit her family, when he stoped his car before her home door, her dad run to the car, he was afraid that he may hit me. But her dad open the door, and hug brother Kou and told him excited: my wife went to the heaven. He said before she died: she told her brother: please don't embarras my daughter, all the funeral must be hold according to Church. Also he had a dream that his wife wore beautiful clothes and stand up, a men wore white clothes picked her up, she smiled and wave and say see you in heaven with him. He know his wife was in heaven now. Also he told brother Kou, her wifes final will come true: her youngest daugther come to the hospital and catch her hand talked with her for more than one hour. When she was tired, she closed her eyes and come to heaven home. All her daughters came to Jesus.

Brother Kou and about 2 hundred brother and sisters hold a memory in her home. It was the first gather to worship true God in her village, and they Sang many songs to praise our Lord.

Praise the Lord. His will is higher than our will. He is mighty. amen.

God bless you and your family.

Sister L

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  1. Praise our almighty God! it brought tears to my eyes.
    I pray that my family will be chosen by God one day.