Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Critique My Team's Presentations on Christian Persecution!

Last Saturday I met with other Arizona representatives for The Voice of the Martyrs.  VOM helps Christians around the world who suffer persecution for following Jesus.

During part of our meeting, we each gave a brief presentation segment (part of what we might say in a church) and then critiqued each other.  This was an immensely helpful exercise!  I learned so much from my fellow reps' presentations and feedback.  The Lord blessed us with good rapport so that we could accept correction from each other without becoming defensive. 

And now, I invite you to give us your own feedback on each of our presentations.  What do we need to improve at?  What did we do well?  You can watch the playlist embedded below, or click here to see it at YouTube.  Leave your comments either on YouTube or as a comment on this blog post.  Thanks for helping us improve even more!

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