Thursday, February 25, 2010

Using Skype under Windows 7

Note: if you don't use Skype, this post will be utterly boring to you. Feel free to skip it!

My parents blessed me with a laptop computer for Christmas. It has Windows 7, while my old computer ran XP. Officially, Windows 7 does not support Skype 3.8, which meant I was going to have to upgrade finally to Skype 4. My parents are both running Skype 4 and I have gotten used to its layout from seeing theirs. But, I have about 420 mb of Skype chat history, and apparently this is a bit much for Skype 4 to handle. Under Skype 4, despite my new laptop's speedy processor, it took about 20 seconds between clicking "call" and actually hearing the "dialing" noises. (It is instant under Skype 3.8.)

I did some research on Skype's forums, and discovered that it's only really the most recent version of Skype 3.8 ( that doesn't get along with Windows 7. An earlier version,, works fine under Windows 7. I downloaded and installed it and am enjoying being able to continue with my clean, fast Skype that I'm used to. Plus it's kind of nostalgic having the Skypecasts tab back again, even though it doesn't work!

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  1. give ubuntu a shot,on install it will let you dual boot and leave the default windows 7 on its own partition. I have found it pretty resistant to all the viruses on skype (have not go one yet) and it runs a lot faster than 7 or vista (both hog a massive 512meg or ram just for the OS) I am enjoying multiple desktops, and faster program opperation